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Clash of Clans has definately made it's mark on the mobile market. With more than 100 million downloads, players will have little trouble having opponents to clash with. Clash of Clans entered the mobile phone market in August of 2013 in the Apple Store and in October in the Android market. A well established game with plenty to keep the casual gamer or true video game junkie occupied.

Remember that it us reccomended you only download Clash of Clans through Apple's app store or through Android's Play Market. If you have a trusted third person website you preferr to download from, be sure you are getting the latest updates to stay competitive in this freemium MMO strategy brought to you by Supercell

Clash of Clans is a realt time strategy game with elements of builder games as well as a little bit of role playing as well. Bringing players together all over the world to clash to thier hearts content. With rich graphic design and a smooth user interface,its perfect for gamers of all levels.

Join a guild to connect with other players, build your castle, defend your resources and train your toops to reach the top rankings in game.

If your a purist, building your base will be a satisfying experiance but if your impatient and are ready to expand your base quickly, you can speed up game play with in-game purchases and crush your opponets base before your opponent crushes yours.
Clash of Clans is available now, so what are you waiting for, the enemy to get there first? Join the millions of other and download it today on Apple iTunes or in the Google Play Market and clash on my friend. For more info click on clash of clans download



clash of clans


The strategy war game genre has become immensely popular today especially with mobile devices dominating the freemium games scene. Clash of the clans is considered one of the most popular games in this segment with a cultic following globally. The game was released in 2012 on IOS platforms and an Android launch followed right after in 2013.


Clash of Clans is a strategy game heavily inspired by the medieval period. It features a single player campaign mode as well as an online multiplayer mode. Players are required to build communities, armies and train their soldiers to defend their communities. Both multiplayer and single player modes are jam packed with diverse challenges and adventure.

Single player

In single player mode, players are required to attack a number of fortified goblin villages. Each player is required to have constructed adequate elixir and gold storages as points are earned in the form of gold and elixir which are stored in their respective storage structures. Elixirs are used to upgrade and train new troops. Gold is used to construct protective structures and to update the town hall. The town hall is used to upgrade to different levels. Each level holds new and better structures and resources. There are a number of other in-game buildings for defensive purposes including archery towers, traps, wizard towers, cannons, mortars, and walls.


The multiplayer mode is a fan favorite with millions of players worldwide. Players battle it out online with other players to earn points in the form of elixirs and gold. Different elixirs can be used as upgrade packs to strengthen the troops and gold can be used to buy more upgrades and other in-game items.

Clan wars

Clash of clan features a unique battle system called clan wars. Clans are groups of players that have joined forces to provide moral and physical support for each other in terms of troops and resources. Joining a clan war requires players to have constructed a specialized structure known as a clan castle. Clan leaders can then initiate war with other clans and are given a day for preparation. Points are awarded in terms of stars, every attack on the opposite team merits a star according to the amount of destruction. The clan with the utmost number of stars at the end of the game wins.


Clash of clans is an example of truly engaging, fun and interactive gameplay for all. To learn more about free clash of clans download come visit us at